Installing PostgreSQL and DBD::Pg on OSX

PostgreSQL is easy available for OSX thanks to the packages distributed officially by PostgreSQL itself. But if you got a 64-bit version of Perl installed (you probably have if you got a relatively new Intel Mac), DBD::Pg simply won't compile unless you manage to fake its build environment so that it think it will be compiling against a 32-bit Perl installation.

Install Perl in your home directory with perlbrew

In my last article on Perl I was trying to explain how you can use local::lib to install your own set of Perl modules in your home directory. While the last versions of Mac OSX still ships with fairly old versions of Perl (currently 5.8.6 and 5.10), a better idea is to install a complete and more up to date distribution of Perl in your home directory.

New family members

Our female cat just couldn't stay inside while on the 'heat' earlier this spring, so after some weeks pregnancy we now have 5 new familiy members. Every computer hacker should have a cat or two, but since we already have a couple of them at our house we can't keep any of them new ones. Two of them will be moving to the mountains in the middle of the month, and then there will be three left for us to give away. Please give us a shout if you, or anyone you know, would like to have one.


This video of Beardyman's amazing beatboxing has become one of my favourites on Youtube. And the great thing is that this video doesn't require any flash player to be installed. It will play if you're "only" using a HTML5 capable browser like Chrome. Even on FreeBSD.

The annual snowboard trip 2011


This year's snowboard trip went to Schladming in Austria. Allthough it was a bit late in the season the conditions in the slopes were quite good. Especially after noon when the sun had heated the snow into soft sugar. We had one whole day in the park, and that single day was worth the whole trip alone. There wasn't much photographing on this trip, but above is a shot taken with my cell phone from the top of the park in Planai.

Easy installation of Perl modules (as a non-root user)

Installing Perl modules traditionally with the operating systems package system as root has a lot of disadvantages. Often you will be forced to stick around with outdated versions, and when you want to do an upgrade you need to check that every application and user have their requirements or dependencies met. Or the opposite way but less frequent - the new version of the operating system wont let you run your legacy application that requires an old module. Installing smaller Perl modules via cpan and mixing them with already installed packages in /usr/local/lib can work for short while, but in the end you will most likely end up with a mess with a complete reinstallation of all modules as the result.

AJAX widgets

A highly configurable AJAX search widget for our museums is one of the projects we've been working on at KulturIT over the last couple of months. This week it was released in beta, i.e. it may contain some bugs. This tiny article will show if it can work even in a blog post ;)

With this widget you can search within the 60 000+ photographs in the collections of Oslo byarkiv and Oslo museum. Some photographs from Akersgata in Oslo, where I used to work in the early 00s, is included as a starter. Enjoy!


If you want to make your own, go check the widget wizard here!

Install and keep your FreeBSD ports updated with portmaster

If you're still installing packages on FreeBSD manually by running make install clean directly in the ports tree, and find it tedious having to wait and answer different dialog screens when installing huge package sets like Gnome and OpenOffice you should really take a look at portmaster. på flyttefot [no]

2010-08-24-102641_850x394_scrot.pngMange takk til Anders Nordby som nå hoster denne siden på sin server

Langeby i Sandefjord [no]

Vi hadde ikke lagt så mange planer for sommerferien dette året og tok en tur til Sandefjord på impuls da vi hørte fra Anders (en tidligere kollega av meg) at det var gode forhold på strendene der nede.  

På turen var det flere av oss fikk vårt første møte med flått - vi som bor i Lillehammer ser heldigvis ikke så mye av det. Ingen av oss ble bitt, men hunden til Anders ble bitt flere ganger på turen så det vitner om at det er en del flott der nede på strendene. Neste gang tar vi garantert med en ekstra flaske "Junglegel" å smøre beina med, spesielt dersom man skal går i høyt gress, kratt, skog o.l.

Ellers fikk et et par skikkelig gode dager på stranda, med mye sol, bading i varmt vann, krabbefisking og selvsagt grilling. Det ble tatt noen bilder - ta gjerne en titt på dem her :)

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